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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is an energy healing modality developed in Japan that is helpful for humans and animals.  As a practitioner, I am a channel for healing universal energy, which flows through my hands to the animal I'm working on, naturally going to wherever the animal needs healing.  Reiki can ease an animal’s stress and anxiety, speed healing of illnesses and injuries, and help emotional issues that result in behavior problems or conflicts.  Reiki is gentle and noninvasive, can do no harm, and can be practiced without direct contact if preferred.


I can also send Reiki to difficult situations, such as an upcoming surgery or a move.  This can help the situation to resolve more quickly and easily.


Reiki can be helpful for dying animals too.  It is a gentle yet powerful way to support your pet as you help them make their transition.  Reiki can assist in providing for your pet’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs at the end of their life.


Reiki can be done in person or from a distance.

Rate:  $50 for an in-person Reiki session

(45 minutes to an hour)

$25 for a distance session (20 to 30 minutes)

Hotel Visits

Are you visiting the Asheville area with your dogs, and don’t want them cooped up in your hotel room all day?  I’m happy to come by and take your dog(s) for a walk while you’re out and about.  

Rate:  30-minute visits $25 and up, depending on number of dogs, driving distance, and number of visits.  

Pet Taxi & Errand Service

Do you need someone to take your pet to the groomer or to the vet? Is there an emergency and you need someone to drive while you hold your pet after surgery on the way home? My Pet Taxi is the service for you! Pets are well cared for while being transported in my car. For your pet’s safety, cats and other small animals must be in a carrier which will be secured in my vehicle. Dogs will be transported in their carriers/crates or secured in the back seat of my car.

Do you need more pet food, kitty litter, or a pet prescription refilled, but aren’t able to get out to run those errands?  I’ll gladly do them for you.

Rate:  $38 per hour plus 57.5 cents per mile.

Additional Services

Litter Box Cleaning/Sanitizing

I will empty and dispose of dirty litter, then scrub, sanitize, and dry the litter box and refill it per your instructions.

Rate:  $20 for the first litter box; $10 for an additional litter box


Key Pick-up and Drop-off Service

Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable having me securely keep your key or using a hide-a-key option, or you need to keep your spare key for other reasons. No worries! I’ll come and pick up your key before you depart and return it after you get back.

Rate:  $10 for each pick up or drop off

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