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Pet Sitting

I will visit your pet(s) in your home and take care of all their needs.  This allows them to stay in their own familiar environment while you’re away,  greatly minimizing their stress. Each pet is unique so I make sure to follow their specialized routine. Each visit is 30 minutes, and I usually do two or three visits a day.  I also do hour-long visits if you would like me to spend more time with your pet(s). Visits include feeding, giving treats and fresh water; giving medication; walking or letting out in your yard; scooping litter boxes; cleaning up pet messes; playing with and giving your pet attention.  

Additional service at no charge includes bringing in mail, watering plants, taking out the trash, opening/closing blinds or windows; turning on lights, tv, or music; and text or email updates.

30-minute visits: $22 and up per visit, depending on the number of pets, level of care, and driving distance.

60-minute visits:  $38 and up per visit.

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