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Pet Sitting Adventures

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Reiki Energy Healing and Calming Music

I cared for a white and black cat named Jasmine who has a lot of anxiety, meowed frequently, and didn’t like being left alone. When I met Jasmine, she was sweet but nervous and hesitant/guarded. I had heard that music can help calm nervous animals, so I found a YouTube site called “Relax my Cat – Relaxing Music for Cats.” Jasmine’s human had told me that the cat likes to sit on a blanket on her lap on the sofa, so I sat on the sofa with a blanket over my lap and the relaxing cat music playing on my phone. After five minutes or so, Jasmine jumped up in my lap and sat down on the blanket. I started petting her and sending her Reiki energy and she relaxed and started purring. It was heartwarming to see this nervous, stressed cat calm down and relax! On each subsequent visit, Jasmine sat in my lap on the sofa while the music played and I pet her and gave her Reiki. I hope it helped Jasmine feel less stressed while her humans were away.

I started sitting for another client who warned me that her cat was scared and may not come out from under the bed when I was visiting. In fact, when I did the meet and greet, the cat, an orange tabby named Max, stayed under the bed. My client had adopted Max from a shelter only a few months prior to the meet and greet, and they had recently moved as well. Max was still acclimating to his new home and new family when they moved, and he was stressed about all the change. When I did the first visit, I started playing relaxing cat music on my phone immediately upon arriving. Max came out to greet me and cautiously let me pet him. I spent a little time sending him Reiki (healing energy) on that visit. On the second visit, Max was very affectionate, and let me pet him and we played with his toys. I sent him a little more Reiki and continued to play the relaxing music. By the next visit, Max not only greeted me when I arrived, let me pet him and played, but he climbed in my lap and let me brush him while he purred. I’m convinced that the calming music and the healing energy helped Max feel calmer and less stressed, so he was able to put his guard down, let go of his fear and let me in.

I had another new client with two cats who were former ferals and who had also recently moved to the area. I know that cats generally don’t like change and a move can be very stressful for them. At the meet and greet, the client warned me that the cats were scared of people and that they would likely stay in hiding when I was there. I played relaxing music and sent them Reiki on the first visit, during which one of them peeked his head out from under the bed and came out hesitantly and sniffed my hand. By the second visit, he let me pet him, played with me with one of their toys, and took treats from me.

Most animals love Reiki and respond to it really well. It can be very calming and helpful for pets with separation anxiety or those who tend to be fearful and stressed.

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