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Why hire a pet sitter?

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter Using a professional pet sitter reaps benefits for both pets and pet parents. Once you experience professional pet care in your home, you'll never worry about being away from your pet again. For the Pets: Benefits to your pets include: o Staying at home in his/her safe, secure environment o Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds o Following his/her regular diet and exercise routine o Having play time o Receiving love and personal attention o Maintaining medical treatment, when required o Having someone responsible in case of an emergency o Eliminating the trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment o Helping to ensure good health (no exposure to other animals' illness or parasites)

For the Pet Parent: Benefits to you include: o Knowing that your pet is in caring, loving hands o Having the confidence that the pet sitter can deal with other issues - such as grooming, vet visits o Eliminating the trauma of having to transport and leave your pet o Not having to impose on family, friends or neighbors o Feeling your home is more secure (with someone going in and out daily) o Having someone who can also bring in mail, water plants, and take out the trash while you’re gone. Adapted from

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